A collection of Hungarian recipes and home cooking


Hello, Szia Welcome! I'm Eva, a Hungarian based in the UK who enjoys cooking and illustrating recipes. Some of these are family recipes from parents and grandparents and some are ambitious experiments to recreate an authentic taste I grew up with. I'm hoping to grow the collection bit by bit over time. Happy cooking!

These light green sometimes pink blushed summer berries are somewhat underappreciated today, but they make refreshing sweet desserts (I love a gooseberry fool!). Less known to be served with savory dishes. The tar sauce can enhance all kinds of rich, fatty meats and fish too, in England a gooseberry stew would accompany mackerel, the oily fish sometimes. In Hungarian recipes they are either turned into a chilled soup to eat as a starter at the height of summer or a sweet and sour light creamy gooseberry sauce like here, that is served with meats. Add some boiled new potatoes, maybe a bit of parsley and …

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